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4. Do you agree with the court's decision? Why?
I agree with the court's decision. Because (My point of view on the correlation of law and morality was expounded in the answer on the first question). Necessity can't be a defense to murder because almost every murderer has his private reasons to do such awful thing. And every one of them could say: "It was a necessity". No thing and no person can be above the law. If the law says: "The murder must be punished", nothing can justify it.

5. Do you think it was just that the death sentence was commuted to six months' imprisonment?
I think death sentence and six months' imprisonment are not proportional concepts. I am against the death penalty and I think that it can't be used even in the most serious crimes. But I think that the punishment must correspond to a crime. Six month of prison is not enough, I believe, for a person committed a murder with aggravating but without attenuating circumstances. So I think that death sentence should be commuted but to a longer period of imprisonment.