Earth Magic
Sacred Rituals for Connecting to Nature's Power

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1 -
So, the history presented on Disk One is taken from the Goddess movement aspect. On this disk she covers the history of the Goddess religions dating back to the dawn of Goddess worship. She leads us through the changes in religious practices as seen by the Goddess movement, and then bringing us back to Goddess worship today.

2 -
Disk Two looks at today's practices of Goddess worship and magic. She spends a lot of time examining magical practices through the Goddess as part of the Reclaiming Tradition. She discusses her beliefs in ethics, male and female energies, spirit and nature and the elements. She also examines life celebrations, festivals and cycles of change.

3 -
Disk Three moves into actual practices. If you have ever seen her speak publicly you know her method of incorporating a small ritual into her teachings. She does this again on this disk, discussing the Reclaiming Traditions way of working Ritual - incorporating the elements and what they mean. Very nicely done, and it provides some material to contemplate as well.

4 -
The final disk examines Goddess in your workings, intent and how it affects your practice, as well as grounding and centering and a final summary.

The Beginner's Guide to Wicca
How to Practice Earth-Centered Spirituality

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